NaNoWriMo Resources

Let's get ready to NaNo!

If you’ve never NaNo’d before, it might be daunting, knowing where to start. But getting ready is very simple—and can be fun.

  1. Sign up at the NaNoWriMo site. You can use your name or a moniker, whatever you want.
  2. Add a little bit about yourself in the bio section.
  3. Add details about your NaNo project.
  4.  Find your writing friends on the site and send buddy invitations.
  5. You can also find your local region and sign up for write-in notifications.
  6. Check out all the discounts for writing tools listed on the NaNo site.
  7. Let your family and friends know that you’re going to be extremely writerly for one whole month.
  8. Get as much as possible off your plate in October. (See Sharon Wray’s excellent Preptober series.)
  9. Consider signing up for a meal delivery/grocery service or cook and freeze all the soup and casseroles you can handle.
  10. While you cook, get inspired by listening to the pep talks on the NaNo site—everyone from Anne Lamott to Neil Gaiman give their best productivity tips.
  11. Have fun creating novel vision boards and playlists.
  12. Set up your writing environment, including printing out or downloading a word count tracker (see below).
  13. Stock up on your favorite coffee, tea, treats, etc, to keep you going.
  14. Check out apps such as Freedom that restrict your online time so you can’t go down a research rabbit hole.
  15. Schedule in treats to keep you going after you hit a certain word count.
  16. On November 1st, sit down and start typing!


Word count trackers

For those who like to print things out and write in word counts, here’s a handy printable for you.

And for those who want to plug and play, this Excel tracker will automatically calculate everything for you.

Pro tip: keep the original download and rename it, so if you break the formulas, you can easily start again. But don’t worry—there are simple instructions included.

Thanks to Salonista Sharon Wray for sharing some fun, fall-themed printables to include the kids and Thanksgiving planners to help keep the month manageable:

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