Samantha Vérant

Samantha Vérant is a travel addict, a self-professed oenophile, and a determined, if occasionally unconventional, at-home French chef.

She lives in southwestern France, where she’s married to a sexy French rocket scientist she met in 1989 (but ignored for twenty years), a stepmom to two incredible kids, and the adoptive mother to a ridiculously adorable French cat. When she’s not trekking from Provence to the Pyrénées or embracing her inner Julia Child, Sam is making her best effort to relearn those dreaded conjugations.

Samantha is the author of two memoirs about her life in France and the recently released women’s fiction novels The Secret French Recipes of Sophie Valroux and Sophie Valroux’s Paris Stars.

Join Samantha, Lisa Anselmo and Laura Bradbury as they spill the secrets of how to write a bestselling memoir. February 19th, 2022 @ 3PM ET!

Samantha's Sessions

The lure of food in entertainment is undeniable. But how do you introduce food into your story without turning your work into a cookbook? How do you describe the sensory experience without clichés? Unless you make a living writing about food, it’s no mean feat—but it’s not impossible. This moderated talk with author Samantha Vérant (The Secret French Recipes of Sophie Valroux) will show you what it takes to bring food to life in your stories.

Food & Fiction

Many thanks to Samantha for sharing her writing tips and some of Sophie Valroux’s delicious recipes, created by Samantha herself.

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