Join us on February 19th, 2022 at 3PM ET when Laura shows us how to make a memoir. All attendees will receive a free copy of her How to Write a Beloved (and Bestselling) Memoir!

Laura Bradbury

Laura Bradbury is the author of eight bestselling memoirs (the beloved Grape Series) as well as an award-nominated cookbook, Bisous & Brioche, based on them. She has also published several women’s fiction and romcom novels.

Her life has been a roller-coaster, mostly the thrilling kind. With three franco-Canadian daughters, she shares her time between Victoria, Canada and Burgundy, France where she and her French husband own and manage a successful vacation rental in the gorgeous town of Beaune. She adores travel, delicious meals with family and friends, her rescue dog, long walks, reading and always has one story percolating in her head, and another in a Word document on her laptop.

Laura loves new friends on Goodreads! Just send her a request.

Join Laura’s amazing community of Grapeviners – people who love food, travel, and going towards life, no matter what.

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