Writing the Unlikely Heroine with Anna Murray

Unlikeable or unlikely? Readers have long given heroes a pass when it comes to “bad” behavior, while expecting heroines to be the perfect Princess PerkyNose. But the more complex, realistically modern woman is (finally!) starting to enjoy her day in the sun. Join award-winning author Anna P. Murray as she shows us how to craft a character that readers will stick with to the end while delighting and surprising them along the way.

Praise for Anna’s Greedy Heart (Tule Publishing):

“Delia is not an easy heroine. She is damaged and prickly, greedy (but for a reason), loyal in a weird way (no spoilers), but she is like NYC itself. A survivor. Tough. Full of heart though she doesn’t want to admit it. And her journey is compelling.”

“Delia Mulcaney is definitely an unlikely hero. She has closed up her heart and only has one ambition: money. Nothing wrong with that, right? Beautifully written, this novel has such a great sense of place. New York, with its eccentricities, its contrast between the life of the rich and the poor and its diversity all comes across so clear.”

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Oct 30 2021


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Zoom Meeting

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