Kickstart Your Writing, with Juliette Sobanet

kickstart your writing with juliette sobanet

In this six-module motivational writing workshop, bestselling author Juliette Sobanet will help you tap into the source of your creativity, release your fears, and write the story in your heart, all while creating a practical, no-nonsense plan to get you there.

Log on for this hands-on workshop each Monday (Tuesday down under!), from November 9 to December 14, 2020. Each module will be between 1 1/2 – 2 hours.

4PM EST / 1PM PST / 10PM CET / 8AM +1 AEDT

Members only. Webinar video will be uploaded ASAP after each session so you can catch up at any time.

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Module 1: Getting Started: Your Goals, Motivations & Conflicts
Juliette will show you how to unblock what’s stopping you using the key writing principles—GMC—to define your writing goals and dreams, get clear on the WHY behind those dreams, and get past whatever is holding you back, once and for all. Plus, how to use these principles to create stronger 3-D characters that pop off the page and resonate with your readers.

Module 2: Getting in the Zone: Where Creativity meets Practicality
We all love the creative side of writing, but what about the practical side? How do you find time to write when you have a job, a relationship, pets, and children, not to mention quarantine? What happens when you’re exhausted and you don’t feel inspired? Juliette has been there, and she will help you make a dedicated plan to carve out the time, create your sacred writing space, tap into your creative center, and write that book.

Module 3: Getting Inspired: Turning life’s biggest lemons into your best writing
Our lives have dished up some juicy material; now the question is, how do we weave those wild stories into our writing? Join Juliette as she discusses the big question: what to do with those stories—whether to write a memoir, a novel, or both. Explore the ins and outs of infusing your books with inspiration from your own life.

Module 4: Getting from First Draft to Polished: A down-and-dirty scene study
In this enlightening scene study, Juliette will show you one of her very own scenes from its bare-bones first draft to the final published version—and finally, the screenplay adaptation. Learn key insights and tips to enhance your own scene-writing and editing process, and how to tap into your imagination to recreate one story idea time and again.

Module 5: Getting Readers Hooked: Harnessing the Power of the Series
We all know that writing and releasing a series can be immensely powerful. Once readers are hooked on a character, they’ll keep coming back for more. But what if you’ve tied up your heroine’s story in a neat little bow by the end of Book 1? What if you don’t have an idea for Book 2? Not to fret, Juliette is here to show you how you can get creative with your series ideas using setting, genre, and connected characters. Want to write in different genres and still create a compelling series that will have readers hopping from romance to mystery to time travel with you? Juliette will show you how.

Module 6: Getting It Published: Traditional vs. Self
Are you trying to decide if you should self-publish or take the traditional publishing route? What are the pros and cons of each? Do you need an agent, even if you self-publish? Have you tried one avenue, and are curious if the other holds bigger rewards? Juliette has been down all these paths. This final session will help you decide which path best suits the writing goals you defined in the first module, and what steps to take to reach them.

What people are saying

“Juliette is a wonderful teacher and mentor! I’ve loved to write my entire life; and I have notebooks upon notebooks of short essays, life experiences, quotes… pretty much anything that comes to mind! But when it came to writing a novel, although I had many ideas and life experiences to draw inspiration from, my writing was all over the place. With Juliette’s advice, I was able to give my writing more structure, pull my story together, and have it make more sense. After speaking with Juliette, writing went from being a hobby and an emotional outlet, to being one of the top priorities in my life. She helped make my story go from “blah”, to “Wow! I’m so excited to keep writing and see where this story goes!”

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Nov 09 2020


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Zoom Meeting

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