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editing from the outside in masterclass

Does the thought of revising hundreds of pages from beginning to end plunge you into analysis paralysis? Are you so deep in the story that you don’t trust yourself to turn your rough draft into a story that readers can’t put down? Join us for the 12-week Editing from the Outside In masterclass, where we’ll work with you to eliminate overwhelm by breaking your story into logical components that will help you build a better book.

Loaded with professional editing tips, each hands-on session will show you how to cast an objective, critical eye on your work. These weekly goals save you time by focusing on specific techniques and enabling you to make choices you trust with each subsequent book that you write.

Who is this class for?
Anyone writing novels, short stories, non-fiction (including memoirs), and screenplays who is:

* looking for an agent or traditional publisher

* wants to save time and money before hiring a freelance editor (i.e., presenting them with a polished manuscript means they’ll charge less

* ready to Indie publish

What if I’m still drafting?
No problem—the weekly discussion will keep you involved in and inspired by your current work, then you can use the handouts as guides to improve your writing skills as you progress.

What’s covered?
Module 1 (February 6th): Getting your book revision-ready, including understanding your theme, premise, and market
Module 2 (February 13th): Plot & Structure
Module 3 (February 20th): Characters
Module 4 (February 28th): Conflict & Motivation  
Module 5 (March 7th): Dialogue
Module 6 (March 13th): Voice & POV
Module 7 (March 20th): Pacing & Suspense
Module 8 (March 27th): Setting

Module 9 (April 10th): Show vs Tell/Description
Module 10 (April 17th): Beginnings & Endings
Module 11 (April 24th): Proofreading, line editing, and what to look for when hiring an editor
Module 12 (May 1st): Wrap-up

February 6th – May 1st. Most classes will take place on Saturday, though some will be on Sundays (February 28th, March 7th).

What if I can’t make each session live?
All our sessions are recorded and loaded onto the site—along with handouts—ASAP after the event, so you can catch up whenever it suits you.

Will I get to discuss my work?
Definitely! We reserve time in each session for your questions.


Feb 06 2021


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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